At present, I am working both within the arenas of painting and permanent artwork within an educational setting.

My paintings are all on hardboard, in acrylic and gouache. The paint is applied with a brush, sponge and rags, it is removed with Stanley knife blade and sandpaper. The resulting work is both detailed and highly textured. My subjects tend to be the human figure in a landscape, and are drawn from found material, press cuttings, local narratives and overheard conversations.

The permanent artwork aspect of my output is largely the result of a collaborative process, in which the form of the final piece is determined by the concerns and abilities of others.

Past projects of this type have included: Mining banners; concrete benches, storytelling seats, performance areas, murals, gardening areas, signage, products for commercial businesses and environmental improvements.

I have also led open access workshops in a variety of locations, such as Shopping Centres, Museums and Community Facilities.