Designed as a fundraising project for St.Oswalds Hospice in 2017. I worked on three Snowdog
figures.  The Snowdog image was given to the project by Raymond Briggs.

A small dog made with Mill Hill Primary School, in which every child in school contributed at least 3 drawings.

A large dog covered with a map of the mouth of the River Tyne to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the first train to Tynemouth from Newcastle. This snowdog was partially painted in Newcastle Public Library, in front of the library users. ‘Guide Dog’ was part of a regional trail in 2017, sited at North Shields Fish Quay, and was sold at auction later that year.

Another small dog: ‘Spottydog’ decorated with two maps showing the location of the other Snowdogs on the fundraising trial, painted at Quorum Business Centre, also sold at auction.

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